Over a year on since I last wrote something here, and plenty has changed. 

I'm now living as a student in the midlands at Loughborough university, and my trail of injuries has continued.

Many a coach will tell you stories of athletes who have disappeared off to universities around the UK and then been swept away by drinking, drugs and a generally new and exciting lifestyle that has essentially cut short their promising careers. 

I went to Loughborough, a place with great sporting heritage determined to not suffer the same fate. My success in this has been mixed, as I've had a great time on nights out in "freshers week" and the rest of my first term, but now want to turn my focus back to athletics.

Painfully, I spent my first term at Loughborough injured again which allowed me time for other pursuits. Being surrounded by world class athletes from all sports only rubs salt into the wounds of not being able to train and compete. 

I'm writing this during my Easter holidays back at home, eventually starting to train again, heading back to the midlands in a few weeks where I'm excited to begin training again.