Many have observed the phenomenon that is the way that successful individuals are able to cram so much productivity into a 24 hour day.

I for one am always impressed by the fabled routines of CEO's who combine early mornings, long working hours with time for exercise and family.

My personal favourite inspiration in the area of busyness, is Japanese marathon runner Yuki Kawauchi, one of the most consistent marathon runners of all time.

Yuki combines training with a 40 hour per week government job. He also refuses any sponsors. To be able to commit to such a time consuming sport must with such dedication is something many athletes have failed to do, yet Yuki does this whilst fully employed.

Whilst I don't run marathons, nor hold down a job at the moment, I've already noticed that my schedule this year is more packed than last years.

My training currently takes up 10+ hours a week whilst lectures and studying are also taking up considerably more time. Yet despite all of this, I'm working more productively and getting more done.

This is no coincidence, and many others will vouch for the link between being busy and being productive. 

The Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience journal confirmed this in a recent study that "greater busyness is associated with better cognition". 

If you want something doing, ask a busy person.